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My name is Salah Yahia Suleiman,from Burri Al mahas,a suburb of Khartoum,

Pharmacist  graduated from Basle university ( Switzerland). sudanese,living in south Germany closing to swiss-french borders, married, 4 children  Nadja , Rashid ,Rana and Razan.

We are living since 6/8/1997 in Schopfheim. a small nice city  south the black forest.

Schopheim is a typical small german province city.

Schopfheim belong to Lörrach-community. a small community closing to Swiss,

french borders.

here you can visit our small city                  welcome to Schopfheim        

and here you can visit Lörrach                    welcome to Lörrach

Iam also working  in Schopfheim by  Würth electronic about our work,Products and the company, it`s better u. visit our homepage. In english u. will find more information.   

here you can visit  Würth electronic             welcome to Würth electronic

Some of  the big  citys near to us, are Basle and  Zurich (in Switzerland ),Freiburg  (in Germany) and Strassburg (in France )